ARCAD Software & Intikom Join Forces for Enterprise DevOps Seminar


The Challenge:  Multiple platforms and DevOps toolstacks

The complexity and cost of managing diverse toolchains for software delivery is a top concern in IT departments in all industry sectors.  The search for a common, enterprise solution across ALL technology platforms is centre stage…

To stay competitive, businesses today combine business-critical core “legacy” applications with middleware, microservices, web and mobile apps developed on open/distributed platforms.  The cross-platform dependencies within applications mean that the risk associated with “siloed” development is high.

The Release Management phase is particularly critical.  Recent IDC studies have shown that:

  1. Software-related downtime in production is 10x more costly than infrastructure failure
  2. 70% of incidents in production are due to release management errors (and only 30% due to faulty code).

The Solution : A common, Enterprise CI/CD pipeline across all platforms

Our “Enterprise DevOps” seminar is dedicated to help you resolve these challenges.  We will present a roadmap for the standardization on enterprise tools such as JIRA, Jenkins and Git in an integrated CI/CD pipeline across all platforms – including UNIX, Linux, Windows, IBM i and mainframe z/OS.

Learn from case studies how an Enterprise DevOps approach minimizes “toolchain sprawl” to reduce :

  1. IT complexity
  2. Maintenance cost
  3. Risk of downtime
  4. Development timescales

Join our experienced team to discuss your own DevOps challenges.  Register for our seminar today !



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