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Today, Telco companies need more adaptive network—one that leverages a programmable infrastructure that can scale and respond on demand. To address these challenges, a technology-leading programmable infrastructure that enables the software control, automation, and intelligence is required.

Intikom has helped Telco companies in seamless shifting from product-centric to consumer-centric business model by analyzing the customer needs and adapting the business process to meet the demand.  Telco Industry segments that we serve, includes:


What is DWDM & How Does It Work?

DWDM is a complex term for what’s actually relatively straightforward concept. It's a technology that uses laser to transmit optical signals across fibre optic cable using just a single colour of light. using that technology, each fibre optic cable could only support transmission from a single laser, now with dense wave division multiplexing the data transmitted by numerous lasers each one transmitting a different colour of light can all be aggregated and transported over a single fibre. To simplify network architecture, reduce device investment and O&M costs, and improve network deployment efficiency, OLT, ONT and GPON in the same platform can help operators carry out smooth network evolution and protect their investments. Building a network that supports unified access for home, enterprise, and mobile back-haul services, combine that with MPLS allows service providers to control costs, provide better levels of base services, and offer new revenue-generating customer services.

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