Digital Transformation

Empowering Your Business for Today's Digital World

The world is digitally increasing everyday. To stay competitive in this digital age, traditional businesses must respond swiftly and effectively to digital disruption with strong technology foundation. Intikom provides solutions that will enable businesses to initiate digital transformation journey.

Our Digital Solutions


Learn how Stream Mobile application from Intikom help you effectively digitalize your workplace.

Digital Transaction Security

Learn how we help you digitalize your confidential business documents and transactions in a secure way.

Customer Care

Learn how we transform companies into multi channel customer-care centric organization.

Customer Service

Learn how a public service application can help you provide customer service platform for your business.

Google Maps
for Business

Learn how Google Maps for Business provide powerful insights and analysis of your business.

Intelligent Fleet & Logistics Management

Learn how we help you leverage telemetry data to optimize fleet and logistics operation of your business.

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Learn how mobile application can help your company digitize field sales and merchandising activities.