Real-Time Conversation Marketing Cloud

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Resulticks is a marketing automation platform, providing advanced digital marketing services and tools to brands and marketing organizations worldwide. It serves as a global service provider of omnichannel solutions for marketing, customer acquisition, and customer loyalty. Resulticks brings together a powerful audience data management platform, true omnichannel orchestration, and analytics in one intuitive, flexible solution.

Audience Data Management Platform


It is the integrated, scalable engine that transforms, augments, and activates big data to achieve a single, real-time customer view, enable sophisticated segmentation and personalization, and facilitate outcomes-driven capabilities across the solution —with all the robust defenses you need.

   Key Features

Attribute Management

Personas and lead scoring

Powerful segmentation

Contextual personalization

Audience analytics 360°

Omnichannel Engagement Solutions


Build omnichannel campaigns across dimensions and with ease. Create relevant, continuous experiences at scale and in context with AI-powered orchestration. Optimize every interaction and communication in real time to deliver individualized customer journeys, from the first encounter to conversion and beyond.

   Key Features   

Campaign Selection

Powerful Campaign Orchestration

Conversion Mapping

Campaign Summary Analytics

AI, machine learning, and deep data analytics

Why Machine Learning & AI?

DelphAI, Resulticks’ marketing intelligence layer, is built on statistical and predictive AI techniques that power the platform’s analytics and its strategic proactive and reactive capabilities.

How machine learning powers your brand?

Using advanced models and algorithms, Resulticks can target with unprecedented precision, engage at the segment-of-one level, and gain new insights on campaigns and audiences with linear regression, forecasting, and segmentation.