Retail & Distribution

Discover A Better Visibility Into The Sales and Delivery Process

In this rapidly evolving digital age, retail & distribution industries need to leverage the technology to integrate both offline and online channel. Intikom has many years experience of successfully helping clients to fulfill that need. Our solutions and services offer the most pressing needs of retailers, and enable them to generate demand in a global omni-channel environment.

Mobile Point Of Sale (M-POS)


M-POS is a dedicated mobile device that helps merchants manage their inventory, sales, and customers data more efficiently on indirect channels (department store/supermarket/consignment sites). Instead of trying to track and manage handwritten sales slips, orders are now easily managed at fingertips, so merchants can access the tracking and reporting data anywhere in real-time.



   Key Benefits

Get Membership

Get Daily Sales

Get Daily Inventory Figure

Solves Data Matching Issue

Back-Order Capability to reduce Loss Sales

Provides Sales Executive Dashboard 

Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail & Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail and Distribution is unified and comprehensive retail software solution designed to accommodate and support retailers' rapid growth. It supports retail-specific and operational business processes, as well as providing integrated Retail ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system functionality for financial management.


Retail Operations

   Platform Benefits   

Business Intelligence

A wealth of insights presented through self-service capabilities, dashboards and reports

Mobile Solutions

Provide a familiar, flexible, and financially compelling mobile solutions platform


Leverage Windows Workflow Foundation and enable users to create system or human workflows


Built to give users a consistent, familiar experience, seamless interaction with Microsoft Office

PocketWISE Sales Force Effectiveness & Automation


PocketWISE is a mobile application designed for field sales representatives that help them capture and transmit data of field sales through Wifi or 3G/4G using mobile devices. It's ideal to use in industry of retail, pharmacy, distribution, canvassing as well as other industries with dynamic selling team to exchange information to and from head office.

   Key Benefits

Ensures the availability of complete & accurate data entry

Quick access into real-time reports through your dashboard

Helps you gain more customers & keep them coming back

Developed to save your time & money

Helps you make right decision faster & easier

Increases your sales revenue & maximize your profits