Banking & Finance

Over 25 years of serving banking industries.

Banking industry is at the very heart of our business. Established in 1990, our company has been focusing on helping banks obtain competitive advantage through banking technology.

Our solutions cover multiple sectors in banking & finance industry in Indonesia:

Why choose Intikom for banking & financial industry solutions?


We have the expertise needed to help you keep pace with the technology in this fast-evolving industry.

Rich Experience

We have been working with bank & financial industry in Indonesia for over 25 years.


We have a strong focus in enhancing banking & financial industry solutions expertise.

Our Solutions

Cash Machine

Cash Recycling Machine (CRM)

Reach more customers in more places. Intikom provides fully functional Cash Recycling Machine from major brand for your banking infrastructure needs, so you can stay ahead of the competition.


Smart Card

The implementation of EMV standards requires banks to replace all ATM and Credit Cards before 2018. Our smart card solution enables rapid and personalized card printing at branches and outlets, minimizing effort for card distribution.

Payment Terminal

EDC/POS Device

We provide easy, safe and secure next generation Payment Terminal (EDC/POS) devices to increase the flexibility of payment transaction.

Fingerprint Authentication System

Stream Fimasys

Subject to regulatory requirement to implement second layer of authentication on banking transactions, we develop Fingerprint Authentication System as second layer access control for core banking application. With the SmartAdapt technology, the software can embedded on and configured to work with any core banking applications.

Signature Verification System 

Stream SVS

Stream SVS is a signature verification system that manages and controls signatures information of your clients or employees. Stream SVS speeds up the signature verification process through prompt availability of the reference signatures needed for verification and it automatically checks the rules of the account.