Field Service Automation

 Digitizing Field Sales & Merchandising Activities

PocketWISE (Pocket Wireless Solution for Enterprise) is an innovative mobile applications developed by eScience to provide corporate customers with field force automation solutions.

PocketWISE Sales Force Effectiveness & Automation


PocketWISE is a mobile application designed for field sales representatives that help them capture and transmit data of field sales through Wifi or 3G/4G using mobile devices. It's ideal to use in industry of retail, pharmacy, distribution, canvassing as well as other industries with dynamic selling team to exchange information to and from head office.

   Key Benefits

Ensures the availability of complete & accurate data entry

Quick access into real-time reports through your dashboard

Helps you gain more customers & keep them coming back

Developed to save your time & money

Helps you make right decision faster & easier

Increases your sales revenue & maximize your profits