IoT for Fleet & Logistic

Minimizing Risks & Costs Associated with Fleet Operations

Optimize your fleet's performance and productivity by high-end technology solutions that's scalable, flexible, and can be customized to suit your business needs.

Locus Route Optimization


Automatically plan your routes by factoring in your business & order variables like preferred time-slot and environmental factors like realtime traffic.

   Key Features

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Enhance Fleet Capacity Utilization 

Minimize Distance Traveled and Fuel Usage  

Achieve Operational Efficiency

Streamline Delivery Process

Locus Tracking & Reporting


Get better visibility in the path taken by the rider using our Actual vs Planned Feature. Now you can view the path that we predicted the rider to take against the one which was actually executed.

   Key Features   

Get more visibility  

Save Kms 

Keep Track of Sequence Edits  

Identify your Champion Riders  

Locus Packing Engine


The 3D Packing Engine generates efficient packing configurations for loading cargo into containers which ensures vehicle optimization. This results in reduced turn-around time, with more efficiency. 

   Key Features

Stacking & orientation constraints

Fragility of the products


Packing arrangements like LIFO