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GPON interfaces are used to connect the optical distribution network (PON). You can connect up to 128 subscriber optical terminals via a single fibre for each interface.

Access to the operator's transport network is provided through 10 Gigabit or combined Gigabit uplink interfaces. OLT LTP allows the operator to build scalable, fault tolerant "last mile" networks to ensure the highest safety standards. OLT manages subscriber devices, traffic switching and connection to the transport network. Broadband access using FTTH technology is the highest quality version of the Triple Play service delivery, as it provides high data rates over long distances. The main advantage of PON technology is the lack of electrically powered active nodes within the section from OLT to ONT, which greatly reduces the network operating cost. What's more, PON technology saves on cabling infrastructure by reducing the total length of the optical fibre, as only one fibre for a group of up to 128 subscribers is used within the section from the central node to the splitter. OLT LTP support 2 hot-swappable redundant power units.


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Backbone WDM & OTN

Highly integrated, energy-saving, compact OTN products for 100G era

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Scalable, high performance and reliable routing and switching products using MPLS technology

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Access Network

Reliable, and easy to deploy OLT, ONT, and GPON solutions

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Content Delivery Network unifies the contents for faster distribution

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