Tax Localization


All companies in Indonesia are required to report value-added tax to the tax authority. Where this is a long process of recording, matching, and reporting, especially if the company has thousands of transactions. Using Intikom ID-TAX, it will simplify the process of recording Indonesian taxes. This will save accounting & tax staff work time, so available time can be allocated to other work that supports the company growth.

Supported Editions:
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential or Premium Edition
Supported Countries:
Supported Languages:
This app is available in English (United States)

What We Offer?

Automatically calculate and settle the PPN related to your sales and purchase documents

Register and maintain Indonesia Tax Number, handle WAPU regulation and Forwarding Tax.

Centralizes rates and rules required for product taxability, accurate calculation of sales and tax

Saving your employees’ time in data preparation and input into the DJP online system.

Features Include

Reminder stock of Indonesia Tax Number

Register & maintain Indonesia Tax Number

Forwarding Tax

WAPU regulation

 Automate Indonesian VAT In & VAT Out based on Business Central transaction

Empowering Business Process

Tax Indonesia localization module will reduce effort from the finance department to prepare tax data to the government every single month. There is an automation process that results in upload-able files to be consumed by DJP Online.


Manual process to calculate tax value on every single transaction, and create CSV/txt file manually to be uploaded to DJP online

Ideal Solution

Tax Indonesia localization could facilitate staff to empower and enhance business process

Desired Outcome

Efficiency monthly or yearly operational for finance department especially when generating incoming or outgoing data files