Data Center

Building the foundation for your business agility.

In this rapidly-changing technology era, your data center requirements continue to expand every day. Years of upgrading and patching left data centers with redundant and incompatible systems. Old infrastructure also struggles to handle new technology of cloud, mobility, security, big data, and storage solutions.

Our experts will work with you to develop flexible, scalable, and cost-effective data center solutions that align with your business goals. After assessing your needs, we will draw on our vendor partnerships and your existing resources to build or rebuild your data center that accommodate future growth.

Our Solutions


Equipment solutions include design, integration and implementation. The equipments we build are Server Rack /Enclosure, Roof/Wall Mounting, Power Distribution, UPS, Climate Control, and Cable Management. We have strategic business partnership with leading equipment vendors, including Rittal and APC.


Server solutions includes installation, configuration and migration. We provide a broad range of server type options including mainframe, midrange, rack/blade servers, and storage. Our expertise covers a comprehensive range of server manufacturers, including IBM, HP, Huawei and Dell.

System Management

System Management solutions are the enterprise solution for system monitoring, desktop and server deployments and data protection and recovery. Our expertise covers solutions including Microsoft System Center, Dell KACE and Solarwinds.


Virtualization lets you expand your data center while reducing your infrastructure costs. Our expertise covers a comprehensive range of data center virtualization solutions including Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Graph-On, Vmware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V.