Cross Industry

The solutions for the challenges your industry faces.

Today, industries are being challenged to drive transformation through the implementation of advanced IT solutions. Across all industries, technology has become the key to improve performance while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Intikom understands the challenges your industry faces. As a proven IT solutions provider, our clients benefit from our experience with IT solutions across a wide range of industries. Our cross-industry expertise gives your business a competitive advantage, enabling you to get the right technology for your business needs.

Our Solutions

Financial Information System

Stream Finance

Stream Finance provides all the functionality needed, not only handling general accounting requirements, but also to perform a wide range of tasks within financial management, financial analysis, and process control.

Human Resources Information System & Payroll

Stream HRMS Payroll

Stream HRMS Payroll is designed to unleash the potential power of people while giving a proper tool to manage and control information within the cycle of human resource management.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Stream Mobile Portal

Stream Mobile Portal is an innovative mobile application developed by Intikom for organizations to digitalize their working environment. It works through employee’s engagement for self-service and increases employee satisfaction with their workplace.