Managed Print Services

We Reduce Your Printing Costs by 15 -  30%.

What Is Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed print services (MPS) are services offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output.

Intikom MPS is a full-featured MPS designed for every industry from small to large businesses. Our comprehensive MPS provides you with a complete service to optimize and manage your printing environtment, while lowering your operating costs and providing you with opportunities to increase productivity, revenue and profits. 

Why choose Intikom for MPS?

Industry Expert
& High Experience

With over 25 years of experience as IT solution provider and more than 500 active customers, Intikom has become a reliable IT resources for the clients in keeping them ahead in the industry.

It's More Than Just a Service, It's a Partnership

Intikom MPS is specifically designed for your printing needs and budget. When your organization grows and evolves, your printing needs will change as well and Intikom MPS will adapt to it.

How Do We Do It?


We offer Pay-per-page pricing. It includes all costs (e.g. maintenance, devices lease, consumables, on-site support) except the costs of papers. Pay-per-page pricing is based upon a whole-of-organisation approach and is dependent upon volume.
Actual usage would be charged to areas on a monthly basis.The contract will define cost per page for monochrome prints and another cost per page for colour prints.

Follow Me Printing Capability

Intikom provide all MPS devices with “follow-me” security capability so that staff can swipe their staff ID card to print. The “follow-me” approach will be used for all printouts.
To pickup a printout, the staff member will swipe their staff ID card to start the printer printing. This will reduce the number of abandoned printouts.

Specifically Designed for Your Needs

Our service is designed exactly to your environment and needs by our experienced MPS Experts.

Resource Optimization

Our service is designed exactly to your environment and needs by our experienced MPS Experts.


15 - 30% Cost Saving

Cut costs on print consumables, service and cost-per-page.We guarantee the lowest possible per-page pricing.

Reduce Fleets Size

Reduce printer/copier fleets size by sensible sharing of MPS devices by co-located departments.

Focus More on Productivity

Free up Financial & IT resources for more business critical work than the support and maintenance of print devices.

Power Saving

Reduce power consumption by upgrading old device, and combining fax, print and copier functions into a single device.

Improve Uptime

We provide electronic monitoring, proactive maintenance and on-site service coverage to improve uptime.

Improve Security

Our “Follow-me”security capability will enable staff to print by entering PIN or swiping their ID card.

Vendor & Invoice Consolidation

We manage all your printing environment so there is no more separate vendor and invoices.

Usage & Expense Visibility

Gain visibility into print activity and trends through the report.

Optimize Efficiency

Optimize efficiency with remote management and lifecycle management.