Digital Cabinet

Find The Documents You Need with Fast, Familiar Search Engine

Keeping company important document files in one place inside company office (on premise centralized document repository) is a smart idea. In addition to facilitate easy and fast document searching, it also secured document files from deleted (accidental or intentionally motive), virus or malware attack, and deliberate action to remove or change contents of document files, including potential misuse of document files by unresponsible employee or outside party.

How Digital Cabinet Helps You

Everything under Your Control

For top management, when you feel a contract document will pose a problem in the future, at anytime you can quickly and easily review the business document files (draft contracts, previous agreements, bidding proposals etc.), without having to depend on staff to find the documents.

"Googling" Your Corporate Documents

Searching document files has never been easier, simply type in words, sentences, or document numbers etc. then in seconds the document will be displayed. Digital Cabinet™ performs full text search, searches all document content, supports more than 25 languages and almost all file types.

No Manual Data Entry

No more indexing process by renaming file or folder name one by one in order to search easily. No more manual files uploading process and data entries. Digital Cabinet ™ automatically sends document files from employees computer to server in your office, then indexing all the content instantly.

Company Document Reference Database

Digital Cabinet™ keeps all documents in centralized repository that can be easily searched and accessed. This reference database will simplify your work, since there is no need to start from scratch. Your productive time is more valuable to innovate new product or improve previous one.

Smooth Audit & Tax Reporting Process 

The process of a financial audit or a tax report requires the availability of the right documents, quick access, and authentic version. A failure or delay imeans a huge loss. Digital Cabinet™ ensures you can search and access documents in 60 seconds, 30X faster than physical documents access.

Secure Centralized Document Backup

There is no warranty that document files on the computer will not be lost, damaged or deleted. This near potential huge loss can be prevented if you have a centralized document file backup/repository, inside your office. You can monitor logs to determine who, when and what document has been accessed.

Main Features

Multi Departments

Company can assign search and access permission to spesific department, permission to other department can be given temporary.

Document Tools

Users can bookmark, share, add notes and view metadata information of specific files.

Support Multiple Format

Support virtually all document files type such as doc/x, xls/x, ppt/x, txt, rtf, pdf, PDF scanned file and more.

Support Multiple Language

Support more than 25 languages or character, namely Indonesian, English, Mandarin, Korea, Arabic and more.

Document Security

A variety of security features such as User Privilege Setting, File/Folder Lock, and Watermark.

Document Versioning File

Any changes will be stored in different file name, making it easier to track the version and re-access original files.

Renewal Notification

Send notification when certain document near its expired date and need to be renewed.

Audit Trail

System run log monitoring of any activities, determine who has logged in, when and what files have been accessed.