Human Resources Information System

Stream HRMS Payroll

The Comprehensive Solution to Keep Your Employee Happy

Stream® Human Resource Information System is designed to unleash the potential power of people while giving a proper tool to manage and control information within the cycle of human resource management.

General Features

Man Power Planning

Recruitment Database

Tax Calculation

Employee Loan management

Comprehensive Personnel Administration module

Medical and Expense Claim process with workflow

Flexible and easy to use Payroll module

Scorecard based performance evaluation

Time keeping that can be integrated with any electronic time clocking machines

Government Reports



Stream® is flexible enough to adapt into rapidly changing business environment and government regulations, and designed in such way that parameters or calculations can be changed easily within minutes.

Data Security

Stream® patented record level security ensures that only authorized personnel are eligible to access data of particular personnel. Access level can be granted to view only, update, or delete data.

Microsoft® Office compliant

Stream® provides linkage to familiar Microsoft Office. Users are enabled to export reports/queries to or retrieve data from Word/Excel documents. This ensures flexibility and comfort in using the system.

Access to Data and Statistics

Stream® unleashes the power of information in the personnel database with powerful reports and inquiries.


Stream® is compatible to small and large organizations with many subsidiaries operating in different locations.

Intikom ePayslip

Intikom ePayslip is an electronic payslip facility provided by Intikom that enables your employees to get their payslips directly to their e-mail, thereby reducing costs and providing the instant distribution. Please note that Intikom ePayslip is an additional service  and requires additional payment.


  • •  Save environment by going paperless
  • •  Ensure data confidentally
  • •  Save time through instant distribution


  • •  PDF file format
  • •  Opened by PDF extractor
  • •  Ecrypted file to ensure the security

Data Collected

  • •  E-mail addresses of all employees
  • •  E-mail addresses of new employees
  • •  Changes in existing e-mail addresses