Network & Communication

Network infrastructures that boost your business growth.

Network infrastructures are the backbone of an IT system. Is your company’s network infrastructure optimally configured to take advantage of today’s technology?

Intikom provides a comprehensive range of network and data management products relating to the network infrastructure. From routers, to switches, to bandwidth monitor, Intikom has the expertise to ensure you can improve network performance while delivering consistent levels of service and reducing operational expenses. Our network expert team can design or implement the products into or on top of an existing infrastructure to simplify ongoing operations and improve your business growth.


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Router, Switch, Access Point, Ethernet Cables, Connector, Hardware Firewall, Security Appliance.

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Network & Security Management

Performance Monitoring, Bandwidth Analysis/Monitoring, IP Address Management, Troublehooting Tools.

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Telephony & Unified Communication

VoIP Phone, Conferencing (Audio, Video, Web), VoIP Gateway, IP PBX, Call Control, Lync Server, Exchange Server.

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Surveillance System

IP Camera, Analog Camera, IP Kits, Digital Video Recorder, Encoder/Decoder, Camera Lense, Monitor.